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Who are we?

KingFrog Australia Environmental solutions is all about keeping it simple, keeping it safe for kids, and protecting our environment and the well being of people



KINGFROGTM is a Brand of International Environmental Technologies Pty Ltd Est. 1993 and has provided Environmental Services for a range of industries from Child Care Facilities, NSW Waste Management, Coles Supermarkets, McDonalds to many Industries seeking an environmental solution for their problem as we provide a range of totally environmentally safe products & services.

Our mission statement has always been.

  1. Keep it simple and Keep it safe for kids.

  2. Protect our environment and the well being of people.

  3. Provide guaranteed solutions to everyday problems without using harmful chemicals & poisons.

Our products are state of the art & our services second to none. We have been operating for over 30 years and our Guarantee has always been“ if it doesn’t work we will refund you.”

The systems and practices we have developed over the years are all guaranteed to work successfully and have no negative impact on people , pets or the environment.Our Core Business is to Control and Eliminate issues in the Food Supply Industry caused by:

  1. Flies

  2. Mosquitoes

  3. Midges

  4. Mal-Odour

  5. Rodents - Rats & Mice

  6. Environmental Cleaning Products

We are the first business to offer a complete range of products and services that eliminate the high cost of pest management, odour control and chemical damage to our environment which effects our health, hygiene and safety. 


We specialise in the control all Types of Vermin, Flies & Mozzies that cause disease, financial losses and damage to Food Business

Kingfrog provides THE PERMANENT GREEN SOLUTION and offer a total package of solutions for problems such as malodours, air pollution, dust suppression, Water disinfection, Pest management issues for Rodents and Flying Insects. (Excluding Bees) that other organisations have simply failed to accomplish. 


We are the complete Specialist with all flying insects including Flies , Fruit flies, House Flies , Horse Flies, Blow Flies, Midges and Mosquitoes so eliminating a wide variety of issues that have an impact on food outlets throughout the world.


Our systems, Products and practices have been developed over 30 years and suitable for Restaurants Commercial Kitchens, Cafes, Restaurants, Takeaways, Fishmongers, Bakery’s, Butchers, Bars, Clubs & Pubs 


We analyse and design systems to eliminate major issues within the food industry that will impact on your customers health and safety indoors or outdoors.

Image by Michael Romanov
Image by bady abbas


Our core belief is sustainability of life and the environment.


We use only systems and products that are Safe for the environment and humans and we guarantee that.


Over the past 30 years working both Internationally and Locally I have developed Environmentally Safe solutions to eliminate and control Rodents, Flying & Biting Insects, airborne contaminants & Virus from indoor environments using human safe products & services.


Our passion has always been to keep it simple and keep it safe for kids.

As a business our passion is to provide the safest most effective products and solutions without harm to human or the environment. We are truly an Environmentally conscious business. 

Though we have designed and installed some unique technologies over the years to solve major issues with contamination of air, water and indoor environments our focus for the past 20 years is on Commercial Food Outlets such as Bakeries , Butchers, Bars, Cafes, Supermarkets, restaurants, Hotels, Pubs and any food preparation facilities. As keeping them pollutant, rodent and Fly Free.

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