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Why Choose us?

We Are The Best In The Business!

KingFrog guarantees 100% fly removal for both commercial and residential areas. There is no fly problem we can't solve!


Flies are not only a nuisance to operators and customers alike they are disease carriers and carry no less than 1,941,000 bacteria. Flies are responsible for more deaths than any other perceived atrocities.Our Fly control Products are AQIS approved and safe to use food outlets when installed to the specification designed and developed by us.As a business owner, you can use the best quality at the least cost and let your chefs, food handlers, managers and maître d’s concentrate on what they do best... Food and people and let us take care of the Flies.


The Pyrethum based product derived from flowers such as Chrysanthemums & Dasies is the highest quality of natural ingredients from Tasmania with a concentration of 14g/kg formula metered out at of our units at 50 ml doses. 



In addition our units are designed specifically for the task and the Aerosol cans are engineered to a precise output making our system the most cost effective and successful system in the world today. Other systems are not as simple or precise as our systems nor can they compete economically over a long term period. 



We do not use chemicals or poisons to control, eliminate or remove rats and mice in buildings. 



Our State of the art Electronic system is the only proven system in the world plus our many years of experience and installation of the system in the real world environment have perfected our vermin control system program and outcome. Once again we stand by our guarantee.

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How can I make my Area Fly Free?


Call us and discuss your location and pest problem. We will tailor a pest plan for your conditions based on your location and venue.


Our experts using our superior technology will organise a placement plan for our no fly zone system. These will be installed by us or instructions given to a professional.


Order products and replenish canisters online when needed. No contracts, no hidden fees and most importantly no flies.

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