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  • Why do I have Flies?
    There is only one reason you have flies and that is because you are offering a food source. Flies can detect the smell of a food source from great distance using their antennae (that contain Olfactory sensory nerve cells). Flies always track food by smell.
  • What Technology Do You Use?
    Our primary form of technology is Automatic Atomiser Systems that are designed to be fully programmable plus we use an environmentally safe Insecticide propellant made from Chrysanthemums and Daisies called Pyrethrum. It’s easy when you understand flies and we do.
  • Why Is The No Fly Zone Formula The Best Product?
    The formula has been scientifically designed to optimise the killing of flies and the product dispersion is exact. (14g/kg of Pyrethrins + 6g/kg Piperonyl Butoxide) NO OTHER Formula can work as effectively.
  • Why Is The No Fly Zone Formula More Cost Effective?
    The cans are engineered not to leak and the nozzles are also engineered to disperse an exact amount (50mg) of Insecticide every time. Domestic use is different from Commercial Use.
  • How Long Does The Product Last?
    The Cans (Contains 150Grams or Minimum 3000 sprays) & will last between 53 Days (12 hrs per day) - 80 days (8 Hrs per day) depending on the settings of the Atomiser unit. Set up will be recommended by our experts based on the system installation. Residential use is different from Commercial Use. eg : Residential use can last up to 160 Days (4 hrs per day) or Manual settings for use when required can be greater. There are several technologies we use to control flies. There is not just a single technology that gives you the 100% fly free zone. As there is not one cause of fly infestation we need to analyse you specific problem. Various situation How long does the No Fly Zone Unit last ? Our Atomiser will last 3-6 years with care and we guarantee them for 2 years.
  • I Always Have Flies On My Tables & Chairs, Even Though We Clean Them, How Do I Get Rid of Them?"
    This is because you have a food source on the table & chairs and that source is grease and fats. Most commercial premises use standard cleaning products to carry out cleaning of tables. Generally these products are not suitable for the control of flies because they do not clean the surface properly but simply spread the grease or fats thinner every time they are wiped over so they are not completely removing the food source (contaminant ). We offer guaranteed products & technologies to get rid of flies. There is not just a single technology that gives you a 100% fly free zone. However, as there is one cause of fly infestation we can help you get rid of the problem. Contact us a for a more suitable product to clean your tables & chairs. It’s guaranteed to work.
  • I Have Bar Flies On My Equipment And Ceilings, How Do I Get Rid Of Them?"
    Bar flies, Fruit Flies or Vinegar flies as they called can thrive & multiply very quickly so treating them needs to be finite and prompt. Bar flies are generally introduced into a premises by a delivery of contaminated product eg Bagged Onions, damaged fruit etc. Once the female adults arrive they seek to find a place to breed. 99% of the time it is in a drain where it is most and usually has a slime coating where they deposit their eggs without disturbance. Male Bar flies / Fruit Flies will linger around the equipment , tills, wet mops, ceilings and around moist areas. They can lay approximately 500 eggs in a batch & hatch every 8-12 days. You can use the No fly Zone system to control the little devils and the units are generally mounted at the source of the problem eg under bars & benches but the source must be found and treated to eliminate the eggs. Call us & we can tailor a suitable solution to this problem. It’s guaranteed to work.
  • Why Do I Have Bar Flies On Walls And Ceilings, How Do I Get Rid of Them ?"
    The female Bar Flies excrete on the ceilings & walls leaving behind a pheromone ( at close inspection you will find very small black dots on the surface ) Male Bar flies hang around this pheromone deposits because they know the female is nearby and ready to mate. The only way to solve this issue is find the source of the infestation to remove the cycle of birth and clean all surfaces to remove the black dots.
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